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About us

We are a team of professional chefs from Japan who wish to share their experience and knowledge of Japanese cuisine with the world. Our aim is not only to teach you how to cook traditional Japanese dishes, but also to introduce you to the culture and customs of Japan, which are closely connected to its national cuisine.

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Our approach is individualized to each student, we will help you gain confidence in your culinary skills and teach you how to prepare dishes that will amaze your family and friends. Our courses offer a flexible schedule and affordable price for anyone wishing to improve their culinary skills and broaden their culinary experience.

A few of the courses we offer

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Sushi & Rolls Course


Learn how to make classic sushi and rolls, as well as experiment with flavors and ingredients to create unique master-level dishes

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Ramen and Udon Course


Learn how to prepare different types of Japanese noodles and broths, and learn meat and seafood cooking techniques to create authentic ramen dishes

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Japanese Desserts Course


Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese sweets and learn how to create Japanese desserts such as mochi, dorayaki and daifuku. You will learn how to work with traditional Japanese ingredients and learn new cooking techniques

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Why choose our courses?

Our guides will now no longer most effective assist you come to be an skilled Japanese cook, however may even expand your cultural horizons and let you immerse your self withinside the specific global of Japanese culture. You'll additionally enhance your culinary competencies and discover ways to make dishes so that it will amaze all of your buddies and family. Our teachers are specialists who're inclined to percentage their revel in and understanding with you.

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